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Covidbase is a searchable knowledge base of verified information about COVID-19, often called "coronavirus". Search for information using keywords, phrases, conversational English, or complete sentences.

Resources and answers on Covidbase are curated and verified by a team including medical professionals. The knowledge contained within it spans everything from practical advice to government guidelines to technical information. Read More ...

This knowledge base is provided by Sorcero, which provides no-code, Natural Language Processing (NLP) platforms for enterprises. We do not record any personal information, but we do capture anonymized information to improve the site.

You may not find an answer to your question. That is okay! We cant think up every question someone might ask. We record any question that is not matched with an answer and attempt to answer it as quickly as possible. If you have a specific question that you would like answered, you can email [email protected] .If you feel that any answers you see are incorrect, or you have another comment, please press the " Feedback " button and leave us feedback.

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